6:45 PM

My Kitchen is Done!!

Posted by Heather |

I have completed my kitchen redo finally!! I started off last fall and painted the large wall in my kitchen a dark eggplant purple. We have wainscoting that we painted black for the backsplash. It finally came to me what I wanted to do to decorate it inexpensively.

Here is the view of the kitchen from the dining room:

Above the cupboards on the left side I used canvases that I covered in coordinating fabric to create the background. I used a black Fiestaware vase that I had and bought some beaded sprigs from a local store to go inside of the vase. I also had 2 black ceramic vases that I used.

I recently got a new camera so to showcase some of the photographs I have taken I printed 4 of may favorites in black and white and bought cheap black frames for them. The casserole at the top of the shelf is also another Fiestaware piece that I had. I bought the four little candle holders at Dollar Tree.

Here is another view of the upper corner cupboards...

This is the view of my kitchen from the left side.

I continued with the canvases. I also added a black mixing bowl I had and draped a vine of crystals over the edge of the bowl. Another black ceramic vase with tan, brown and black beaded sprigs!!

Drum Roll Please!!! I should have taken some before pictures...my husband and I have this island in the middle of our kitchen. It was the first piece of furniture we picked out and bought for our new home 8 years ago!! For less than $10 we have made it a new piece!! It was painted a dark green and had dark green tiles on the top. I painted the bottom with black paint that I had left over from another project...the tiles we found on clearance at Home Depot for .40 each!!

6:59 AM


I have been in classes now and completed my first term with flying colors!! I made the President's List at Westwood College with a 4.0 GPA!! I'm not sure I will be as successful with my second term. I'm only enrolled in one class but I'm struggling to stay focused.

My kitchen makeover is about complete and I will take pictures and post them later! I think I was successful in creating a new look with many items I already owned and adding a few inexpensive things to complete it.

I am 3 weeks into the Interior Design program at Westwood College. I'm attending classes online. I am currently in Design Theory and Color Theory for Interior Design for a total of 9 credits. I thought it would be fun to document my progress and trials and tribulations through the program! I am also in the process of redecorating various rooms in my house.

So far it is lots of fun. I am excited to head in a direction that allows me to be creative and express my personal style. Currently my large project that is due is a found object color wheel. I have begun collecting items for it and will post pictures as I finish it!! Well off to study!!!